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trading surfers

Trade the Waves

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Trading Surfers is a community of traders who have the common objective of following the trading paths of financial institutions by using a proprietary algo methodology that we teach.

This methodology is simple, efficient, and powerful, and it is applicable for all time frames, which means you can use it to day trade, swing, or invest. It basically is a mix of the following three strategies: 

Discretionary (45%); Algorithmic Trading Activity (35%); Geometry (20%);

We use the Elliott Wave Principle as a technical analysis bonus tool.


We offer one-on-one coaching and personalized trading education based on the extensive educational content and several practical tests. In addition, we help traders learn how to set up their own trading systems. 

As certified Elliotticians, we also provide Elliott wave services in addition to algo technical analysis via a monthly subscription.


One-on-one COACHING

We offer a perfect learning format for you to gain experience, confidence, and efficiency.


We will teach you the strategies used by financial institutions and how to generate a personalized systemic trading method that removes emotion from your trading.


We know that educational services for traders usually are expensive, and, even worse, they can be counterproductive. Thus, our approach will save you time and money. In three months, you will learn what really matters and how to avoid the typical mistakes that traders make. Whether you are a new or experienced trader, we will provide what you are missing in one single package.


Through eight hours of one-on-one coaching, you will learn the tools and strategies required to construct your own trading system. At the end of the courses, we will validate your knowledge through practical tests and provide you with "cheat sheets". Afterwards, we will be available to you for three months until you are confident that you can make your own decisions. You will be part of our community indefinitely. A trading surfer remains one for life!


The community of Trading Surfers is purposely small and collaborative. High quality setups are shared and traded among the members of the group.

One-on-one Coaching


Get a personalized trading education through intensive one-on-one coaching (8-10 hours) and start following financial institutions in their quantitative trading

Full access to the Trading Rooms

Intraday tracking of BTC, SPX, VIX

Regular tracking of 50+ instruments

Three-month follow-up


5% off if payment in crypto (contact us)


Get an advanced Elliott Wave and algo technical analysis (TA) for key instruments


Full access to the Technical Analysis channels

Daily updates: BTC, ETH, SPX, NDX, Gold, Oil, DXY

Regular updates: major stocks, ETFs, cryptos, and crypto pairs

On demand Elliott Wave & Algo TA

Total availability to respond to your questions regarding the Elliott Wave Principle

Cheat sheets in bonus



5% off if payment in crypto (contact us)


Everything you need to know about the Elliott Wave Principle summarized in fourteen cheat sheets.

Patterns, Structure, Position, Fibonacci relationships, Geometry, Rules, Guidelines

Motive waves (impulse, extended wave, diagonals, 1212 structure). Simple and complex corrections (zigzag, flats, triangles, multi zigzags, sideways combination). Channeling, slopes, duality. Detailed process for the Wave 4 setup.


Crypto payment accepted (contact us)




Hi trader, my name is James. I am the founder of Trading Surfers. You may wonder about my passion in life. It is surfing waves both behind a screen and in the water.

I started my career eight years ago as a financial analyst who was specialized in the oil industry and the U.S. stock market, and I constructed composite indicators for hedge funds. The Street,, i.e., the financial media, published some of my analyses.

As a market technician, I've studied some of the strategies and mathematical techniques that are used by financial institutions in their trading. Did you know that algorithmic trading represents more than 90% of transactions in most futures markets (source: Goldman Sachs)?

My trading methodology allows me to track and pursue the same information as the algorithmic traders of financial institutions. I am very proud to share it with you. Following the whales of Wall Street with a systematic approach should be your first priority in trading.   

I am here to show you how to surf in their wake!



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